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We work with the intention of giving you the best cinema experience. To improve the time spent in our cinema, we use the personal data of visitors. We value your trust and treat any information you provide us with care, therefore we have developed a personal data processing policy to make sure that the personal data acquired is safe.

Any information that allows identification of a specific individual is considered personal data. Since May 25, 2018, a new General Data Protection Regulation is applicable in the European Union, which determines a much more organized and transparent collection, use and storage of personal data. Therefore, the company Kinoteātris Bize SIA provides its customers, employees and partners with data processing in line with the applicable law and most recent requirements, by developing a data processing policy that includes:

- Guidelines for data collection and storage;
- Transparency in data processing;
- Trained personnel for professional data processing;
- A customer-friendly environment to identify their personal data.

Any information that includes personal data is collected and classified by our company according to a predetermined purpose. The types of data collection in our company are:

- Participation in the events implemented by Kino Bize:

  • Administration of registration and identification of customers;
  • Supply of the service (receiving tickets, gift cards, products);
  • Direct marketing;
  • Receiving personalized marketing information;
  • Participation in competitions;
  • Use for statistical and market research purposes.

- Cooperation partner data processing;
- Corporate customer data processing;
- Photo and video recording of the visitors for marketing purposes.

Detailed information on the mentioned purposes of data processing can be found underneath (see below).

Data Processing

Personal data shall be processed inside the company, using only certified equipment that meets all the safety requirements, as well as limiting access to data only to those persons who needs them in order to perform their duties, or transferred to third parties on an appropriate contractual basis, which provides for no less secure data processing than within the company. All data, whether or not they are used within the company or through service providers, are processed only for the purpose of data collection and used solely for the tasks assigned by the employees of Kino Bize. Any partner cooperating with Kinoteātris Bize shall be carefully evaluated to ensure that their activities are fully in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your data may also be processed outside the EU or EEA countries. In this case, the partners of Kinoteātris Bize outside the EU or EEA shall be subject to identical conditions for the storage and processing of data as in the EU or EEA States. In addition, in order to ensure the security of personal data, in this case the data is only passed in an encrypted way.

The data may be transferred to law enforcement, national or local authorities if they have requested information on specific persons in line with the requirements of the law, or in case Kinoteātris Bize, defending their interests, transfers them to the mentioned authorities.

Kino Bize shall ensure:

Access to one’s data in line with the applicable law, by requesting in writing to provide information regarding all the data at our disposal.

Possibility to change and withdraw on the website www.kinobize.lv at any time the consent previously given for the processing of personal data, taking into account that individual consent may limit the services received which require the use of such data.

Possibility, by submitting a written application by email to kino@kinobize.lv or by post (Kinoteātris Bize SIA, Elizabetes 37-2, Rīga, LV-1010) to request the deletion of information on personal data at our disposal, except when data retention is governed by law.

Types of data collection

Participation in the events organised by Kino Bize.

Personal data is acquired with the consent of the data subject or on the basis of a contract and is used no longer than 3 years after the purchase of the product or service, or no longer than 5 years if required by law.

Kineoteātris Bize cooperation partner data processing

Kineteātris Bize shall select partners who strictly adhere to and process data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, ensure the confidentiality of data in mutual transactions and ensure equivalent data protection on their part.

Kineteātris Bize corporate customer data processing

Kineteātris Bize provides the highest standards for protecting corporate customer data, using the received data only to provide the service. The data of corporate customers is acquired on the basis of a contract and is used no longer than 3 years after the purchase of a product or service.

Photo and video recording of the visitors for marketing purposes

Kineteātris Bize may perform video and photo fixation and publication of materials in selected cases to reflect the course of events in the film theatre or during the events organized outside the film theatre. Visitors shall be separately notified in advance of such video and photo fixation. In line with the General Data Protection Regulation no persons under the age of 13 shall be photographed and filmed.


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Contact information for personal data:
Kinoteātris Bize SIA
Elizabetes 37-2, Riga, LV-1010
Reg. No: 40103656101
E-mail: kino@kinobize.lv