Terms and Conditions

Rules of Reasonable Behaviour

  • When visiting the cinema, a person must present an identity document and a digital Covid-19 certificate, which confirms vaccination against Covid-19 or the fact of contracting the virus.
  • In the cinema hall, the client must have a valid cinema ticket that allows him to attend the screening. When purchasing a discounted movie ticket (pupil, student, senior citizen), a valid ID must be presented. Please arrive on time. If you miss the start and all seats are sold out, we reserve the right to offer free seats for sale.
  • The cinema has the right to admit children up to 2 years of age free of charge, provided that the child must sit on the lap of a parent or guardian during the screening.
  • It is forbidden to smoke and bring cold weapons, firearms.
  • Filming and photography is prohibited during the movie screening without prior agreement with the cinema administration.
  • It is forbidden to make noise and talk on mobile phones in the cinema hall.
  • It is forbidden to disturb other visitors - to disregard public order.
  • It is forbidden to break or otherwise damage the property of the cinema.
  • We recommend that you contact the cinema staff and inform about persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema's customers. The cinema has the right to expel from the cinema persons who violate the internal rules of the cinema, without refunding them the money for the movie ticket. In case of a more serious offence, detain the guilty person until the police arrive.
  • After the end of the screening, the customer must leave the theater through its exit door.
  • Inquire about lost and found items in the cinema at the cafe.
  • The cinema is not responsible for customers' personal belongings.